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November 9, 2016

Stefany and Jonathan were such a funnn couple to photograph! My experience from start to finish was full of hysterical laughter, and some happy tears, too.

Stefany is super laid back (and a total sweetheart)! And Jonathan.. he is a MESS- in the best way! Lucky for Stefany, she gets to laugh at his silly shenanigans from now on 😉

They had a beautiful ceremony at Stefany’s family’s home. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

I loved getting to know this adorable couple and their AMAZING families!! Talk about good people….

Thank you for choosing us to capture your irreplaceable memories, it’s not a task that I take lightly.

****Life can get really crazy sometimes, but let us not forget that there is still a lot of magic in the world. You just have to know where to find it.

Wishing these two all the best!


A BIG shout out to my amazing friend and photographer, Katie Ostarly, for helping me capture this couple in the most beautiful way! Twas’ one for the books.

I’ve shared a few favorites from their wedding day. Enjoy <3



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