March 15, 2017

I am not much of a planner, so I tend to come up with an idea and execute! My best work is done with very little foresight.

Today, I decided to put together my Spring photoshoot backdrop! And, like always, it was a messy process! I had to call Haley to come over to help.

I got nowhere near finished with my project, but still wanted Stella to model for me, so at least I would feel like some progress was made..

This little one has grown up with my camera in her face. It’s amazing to see how much she’s changed right in front of me! One thing is certain, she knows how to give me what I want, and how to say, ” Am I done?” And put on a smile all at once!

This was an impromptu photoshoot, and doesn’t really show how adorable my Spring sessions will be…. But I couldn’t help but share a few favorites of Stella and her many faces <3


Her beautiful dress is by Feltman Brothers



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